China Mobile monitors texts for 'unhealthy content'

China is to start monitoring SMS messages for ‘illegal and unhealthy’ content in its crusade against all-things-porn, says the NY Times.

The government, in cahoots with network giant China Mobile,  will be scanning for key words provided by the police. It’s not known what the key words will be, and the criteria will stay undisclosed and at the heart of central government, with no plans to make clear exactly what ‘unhealthy content’ is.

SMS monitoring has been happening in China for a while now. However, the new checks will be wider and more intrusive. Kan Kaili at the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunication  told the New York Times: “They are checking anything and everything, even if it is between a husband and wife.”

Coppers will look at messages and, if they reckon they contain ‘unhealthy content,’ China Mobile will put a hold on the user’s text messaging capabilities.

Chinese bloggers aren’t put off, says, with a wave of users sending around rude texts on purpose with no negative reports yet.