China engaged in concerted hack on UK

The Chinese government is engaged in a concerted hacking attack on companies in the UK, according to a leaked MI5 report.

MI5 building in Vauxhall, LondonThe Sunday Times, which has seen the 14 page document, alleges that gifts given to British business people, such as USB memory sticks and digital cameras, contain Trojans giving Chinese intelligence access to computers.

The report also claims that that Chinese intelligence has made attacks on computer systems belonging to defence, manufacturing and energy companies.

And it’s also made attacks on networks and email systems of PR companies law firms.

But Chinese agents don’t just use electronic methods to gain their intelligence. MI5 says that the intelligence services lure individuals into sexual relationships and criminal activities to compromise them.

Hotels in major cities like Shanghai and Beijing are routinely bugged, according to MI5. The Sunday Times article is here.

*EyeSee MI5’s web site is here.