China attacks USA over internet freedom

The state controlled organ of the Chinese Communist Party has laid into the United States after Hillary Clinton spoke out last week about network freedom.

In the editorial in the Peoples’ Daily, the organ says: “Standing on the high moral ground to peddle ‘network freedom’, it could not only make other countries not disgusting with its interference with their countries, but subjects those being criticised to the low moral ground and appear unreasonable themselves even with reasons.”

Hillary Clinton is unlikely to be too rattled by that paragraph because basically it’s gobbledygook that no one understands.

But the article also alleges that the Pentagon has developed cyber troops and stepped up the military’s cyber warfare capacity. It says the Patriot Act grants its security agencies the right to search phone and emails in the fight against anti-terrorism.

That, the article seems to be suggesting, is hypocrisy because America is asking other countries “to establish the network of a free utopia type. So, this cannot but be called the continued application of double standards”.

Network freedom in the American sense is an “illusion of freedom only”.

You can find the whole tirade right here.