China and Russia accused of mass cyber industrial theft

A senior US counter intelligence official has alleged that there’s a concerted attack on US corporations and on government economic data coordinated by the Chinese and Russian governments, separately.

Robert Bryant claimed that the attacks in cyberspace were being mounted by both intelligence agencies and Russian and Chine corporations.

The Wall Street Journal reported Bryant as describing the cyber attacks as a long-term strategic threat to the USA. The theft of data is used to bolster local industries with attacks being focused on military tech, economic data, infotech, medical tech and green tech.

France and Israel, allies of the USA, have also attempted to steal industrial secrets, the report continues.

China has hacked into EMC, Lockheed Martin, the International Monetary Fund and, of course, Google.

Representatives from the Chinese Embassy in Washington claimed the allegations were without foundation and were just attempts to demonise the country.

The Wall Street Journal report is here (subscription required).