Changing your password is a waste of time

A study which has just emerged from Redmond shows that regular password changes do sod all to protect users.

Microsoft commissioned the study to learn how effectively frequent password changes thwart cyber attacks. The short answer was that they didn’t.

In fact, if you regularly change your password, a hacker is more likely to use the password right away. Apparently they are worried that the user will change it.

Requiring users to continuously update their passwords also causes more problems than it is worth. Many users forget their passwords so they resort to writing them on sticky notes attached to their monitor.

Others who have a hard time remembering tend to develop overly short or obvious passwords that can be more easily hacked.

Apparently it costs more than $16 billion worldwide each year to run security polices that involve the regular changing of passwords.

Microsoft’s study concluded that it was money that was probably better spent having a holiday somewhere hot.