CEO regrets messing with the IT crowd

The fired IT manager at Baltimore Substance Abuse System hit on a wizard wheeze to make his boss pay for his sacking.

Walter Powell, 52, apparently used all that knowledge he had of the company’s system, hacked into it, and replaced a CEO’s Powerpoint presentation to the board with porn.

Apparently the CEO, Greg Warren, did not realise his presentation had been hacked until a large picture of a naked woman appeared on the 64 inch screen behind him.

There is no record of what the board thought of the presentation, the fact they were probably so bored by the prospect of a dull Powerpoint presentation probably meant that they were already dozing off.

Judge Brooke Murdock gave Powell a two-year suspended sentence, and ordered him to 100 hours of community service and three years’ probation.

Prosecutors said that within weeks of his exit, Powell began accessing the BSAS computer network from his home computer and remotely installed keystroke logging software on various computer workstations.

He managed to obtain the network passwords of at least five employees of BSAS and for 32 days, Powell cracked into the network 100 times using the passwords of those employees.

He managed to get control of a computer used by BSAS CEO Greg Warren during a presentation to the BSAS Board of Directors.

During the presentation the computer shut down, restarted, and then displayed a pornographic image. Powell forwarded confidential e-mails to others, and composed a fictitious e-mail message that was sent to a BSAS e-mail distribution list.

Prosecutors claim that it could have all turned very ugly. When Inspector Knacker of the Baltimore Yard swooped, coppers found materials used to make silencers for guns. He was actually initially arrested on gun charges. That case is still pending.

Insecurity outfit Sophos has warned that cases like this underline the importance of having a proper process in place when staff leave your company.

Media friendly Graham Cluely said that people do, of course, leave jobs all the time and most of them would never dream of logging back in to their old place of work to cause trouble. But it only takes one disaffected former worker to wreak havoc.