CCTV an overlooked security threat

CCTV is becoming a bigger security threat and one the UK should be worried about, a security expert has warned.

According to the source, the technology is becoming more of a target for hackers who have either been paid by criminal gangs to try and erase evidence, or for financial and pleasurable gain. reports there are around 1.85 million CCTV cameras across the UK. It put the top 0.15 million cameras as being spread out between public transport and local authorities, which left the rest owned by public and private companies.

However, as the result of some many security cameras, the incentive to hack into networks is becoming more and more tempting.

“There is one huge, underlooked risk on the UK’s doorstep. And that’s CCTV hacking,” the source said. “Although this isn’t a new risk, we’ve seen this increase over the past few years as this technology becomes more of a tool to provide evidence and put people away.” 

The source pointed to examples where images captured over CCTV or IPTV were able to pull pictures of people in compromising positions.

“As we all know it’s not possible to completely protect public security systems from hackers,” the source said.  “Hackers can react in the same way they would with a wireless network, breaking down the encryption and getting in”.

“I wouldn’t be surprised in a bid to cut back on budget that many local authorities have skipped the security side here, putting in basic encryption or layers than can easily be broken,” the source warned.