Canadian coppers will not need a warrant to wiretap

Canada’s conservative party is about about to bring in a raft of big brother laws which will bring the British colony into the same league as China.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper said that an “omnibus” security/crime bill will be introduced within days,

Basically the new laws will give police greater access to ISP and geolocation data without a warrant.

Needless to say there are few people who are a little worried about this. According to Ars Technica,  the bill will compel ISPs to disclose customer information to authorities without a court order and will enable cops to spy on private lives of Canadians.

Dubbed Bill C-52, the “Investigating and Preventing Criminal Electronic Communications Act was introduced in the last parliament but did not pass.

Canadian academics and digital rights advocates have penned a stiff letter to Prime Minister Harper demanding an “appropriate hearing” for lawful access and to come up with a few safety measures to prevent the country becoming a police state.

While they agree that there are times that cops need to have such access they need to be kept within strict limits.

It is not difficult to put in place workable oversight regimes that do not stop the cops from doing their legitimate duties. The current version of the law allows them to do what they like.