Cambridge Wireless debates privacy for location based services

Cambridge Wireless has announced that it will host a discussion with experts in the field of communications regarding the debate over privacy issues surrounding location based apps.

With many smartphones now having inbuilt GPS, coupled with the rise of applications that make use of the location capability of such GPS technology, there are a number of implications for personal privacy that need to be highlighted.

While apps developed, including Foursquare, can be exciting for users, they also open up a new set of challenges for personal safety that Cambridge Wireless, an industry forum and community, wants to address.

See here for a 101 on how easy it is to get stalking on Foursquare.

“The latest in the series of Location SIG events examines the privacy trade-off for users of social networks and advanced smart-phone applications where location information is shared,” said Nigel Wall, Shadow Creek Consulting and SIG Champion for the event.

“The risks and opportunities rise significantly when location information is shared. We shall consider the issues from various perceptions: users, suppliers and legislation.”

Cambrdge Wireless will be working in conjunction with wireless technology company CSR and the Cultures of the Digital Economy (CoDE) Research Institute at Anglia Ruskin University to discuss a range of topics including whether location technology creates real threats to personal privacy; whether users need to understand what is collected and how their movements could be tracked; image recognition, and best practices.

“This current and sensitive topic will prove interesting and thought–provoking for many.”

The event will take place on the 23rd of March. For more information see here.