Brits need to wise up on cyber crime

Brits need to wake up and smell the cyber crime coffee or we could end up falling victim to sophisticated cyber attacks.

That’s the latest warning from Janet Williams, head copper of the e-crime unit, at the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) who has warned that clever criminal networks are waiting to pounce on those of us who aren’t up to date with the cyber world.

According to the Guardian, she also had a dig at her detectives, encouraging them to raise awareness amongst those Brits who haven’t woken up to cyber threats. She also said detectives not up to date in what’s happening in the cyber world should not be able to hold their title – we expect to see lots more traffic policemen in the future then.  

The topic was like “maths” in that some people would laugh when they said that they didn’t understand cyber security. However, she pointed out that it wasn’t funny and likened not understanding this was the “equivalent of not being able to read.”

She added that multinational organisations, public and private organisations, needed to understand the threats to their organisation to beat these sorts of villians, while the public had to make more time to understand the dangers.

Williams has set up a “cyber flying squad” based at Scotland Yard, and said her team of 35 detectives and specialists were having significant success.

Police are now working to come up with new ways to catch these cybercriminals and have made made recommendations to the Home Office outlining the nature of the problem.

However, Williams pointed out it was now down to this department to “find a solution.”