British spooks hack terrorist magazine

The latest hacker crew on the block is none other that Her Majesty’s Secret Service who have apparently been targeting Inspire magazine.

Inspire, which sounds a bit like one of those expensive rags which makes money by flogging perfume samples, is actually the English organ of al-Qaida.

According to the Washington Post there was a bit of a row between James Bond in Blighty and the CIA over taking down the site. The CIA thought that an attack would expose their tradecraft and cut off a source of intelligence info.

Her Majesty’s secret service thought that taking down the site was a good idea, while the US thought it was better to arrest a few file sharers.

Inspire urged lone-wolf terrorists to take up arms with a mixture of new and recycled al-Qaida propaganda. It was so bad with articles like “Make a bomb in the kitchen of your mom,” people thought it was faked.

But when Q’s backroom boys got onto it, they tinkered with it so that the PDF’s first few pages looked just fine. The rest of it, however, was filled with a continuing stream of gibberish characters. This sparked a rumour that Inspire contained a virus and Jihadi forum administrators warned users to steer clear of it.

A corrected first issue of Inspire eventually came out, and has managed four more issues. It looks like James Bond thought he had better things to do with Flora Munchmuff to be bothered taking out a magazine that no one read.