British electrical grid is wide open to hackers

The UK’s national electricity grid is vulnerable to cyber attack which could bring about the collapse of the economy.

According to the Independent, James Martin, a fortune teller for the IT industry said that the only sure way of safeguarding the electricity grid against a coordinated cyber assault is to disconnect it completely from the internet.

Martin has advised various governments and donated a huge chunk of his fortune to Oxford University for studying future problems and still has piles of cash.

Apparently the national electricity grids of Britain and the United States are especially vulnerable because they are connected to the world wide wibble.

Now living on a private island off Bermuda, one of the world’s most successful fortune tellers said that there is ample evidence that hostile foreign agents have already targeted the American electricity grid in order to test whether it would be possible to cause widespread blackouts.

The American grid was packed full of trojans not coming from the States, he said.

“If you knocked out all the power in America, it would be devastating. Normally when you get a blackout it comes back very quickly but there have been some that don’t. If it was a deliberate attack, then the people attacking it would try to do damage that could not be repaired quickly,” he said.

He said that computers controlling the electricity grids in Britain and the United States are constantly sending messages to one another over the internet in order to balance supply with demand.

This leaves the door open to hackers to gain access to critical control systems, Martin said.

He said that computers are doing the buying and selling. Computers are giving the instructions to the generators and the transformers and the sub-grids.  All it takes is one good hack and the whole lot is in trouble for a long time.

While everyone knows the risks, Martin believes that not enough is being done by western governments to address the threat. This is because the companies are all private. If governments intervene with private companies they end up being called communists and control freaks rather than being sensible.