Bogus Gordon Brown email doing the rounds

Security firm Sophos is warning of a bogus email doing the rounds, warning net users that an image of Gordon Brown smiling will infect their computers with a nasty virus.


Sophos however says the claim is entirely dodgy. It’s not known who sourced the security rumour, however it wouldn’t be entirely unbelievable that it was someone with Cameron’s Lot. The email begs one particular question to its authenticity when thunk’d about: Are there any photos of Gordon Brown smiling in the first place?


And so it is a joke email. Sophos warns that some dimwits may not see the funny side, and take extra precaution to clean their computers and check for a virus that probably isn’t there. “The problem with email jokes,” says security boff Graham Clulely, £is that before you know it thousands of people are forwarding it to each other as a real security warning. That’s not just a waste of time and bandwidth, it also might result in users taking drastic actions to clean-up their computer from a virus infection which may never have existed.”