Big Content takes on Swedish Pirate Party

Big Content has been accused of blackmail by the Swedish Pirate Party after one of its representatives threatened to sue it over providing the Pirate Bay with internet access.

In the letter, the Rights Alliance makes it clear that it intends to take legal actions against the Pirate Party and its representatives if the Party does not shut down the Pirate Bay’s web access by next week. The legal action apparently threatens to close down the Party’s site completely.

However, the Pirate Party’s Anna Troberg is upset over the threat because it is not illegal to provide a link to the Pirate Bay in Sweden.

She said that the Pirate Party’s operations are legal, and legal operations should not be subject to such threats.

“Unfortunately this type of blackmail that the Pirate Party is exposed to is not unusual. Large and small internet-providers are often the victims of similar pressure from the copyright industry’s lawyers,” she wrote in the Pirate Times.

She said that when Big Content feel that the law isn’t enough it takes matters into its own hands and turn the thumb screws on individuals and companies that have a hard time fending off the copyright industry’s wealthy giants, Troberg said.

It is depressing that they are still allowed to continue this way without interference by either politicians or the judicial system, she added.

Big Content has been having similar cracks against the Pirate Parties of the Netherlands and the United Kingdom where the leaders of PP UK were personally threatened with legal action for hosting Pirate Bay proxies.

In Sweden the Pirate Party is a bit bigger news so it might be able to fend off Big Content this time.