Basketball hero in trouble for Shaq Hack Attack

A US bloke who is apparently famous for sticking a round ball through a hoop is being sued for cyber-bullying and hacking.

According to the Boston Herald  Shaquille O’Neal, who plays for a group called the Celtics has been accused of hacking into a blokes computer and installing child porn on it.

Shawn Darling, a former employee of the NBA, filed the complaint which portrays him as a serial philanderer and bully.

Amongst the rap sheet is the claim that Shaq dumped his iMac in a lake behind his house to destroy evidence in a restraining order case filed by a former friend.

He allegedly broke into the voice mail of another mistress in order to erase messages and change her password and cracked into Darling’s voice mail.

The court case claims that Shaq used his connections with the local plod to frame Darling for multiple crimes and blamed the former employee for the breakup of his marriage.

However O’Neal called Darling “an ex-con” with a lengthy record and said that the suit as a brazen cash-grab by a man who previously tried to extort him for $12 million by threatening to expose O’Neal’s personal communications and e-mails.

Sheesh, British sportsmen need a hand to turn their computers on and a secretary to post their twits, er, tweets.