Based God takes on Justin Bieber in web hack

Brave hackers who have already vandalised the websites of Amy Winehouse and soul singer Lauren Pritchard claim they have hacked popular beat combo artist Justin Bieber.

Apparently they have managed to get some data on him, which is more than we have. But the move could unleash the dark forces of Bieber’s army which are looking for a mission until the next instalment of Twilight comes out.

SwagSec (Swagger Security) claims to be a rival of both Anonymous and so-called anti-secgroups such as LulzSec, but we would have thought that they have more to fear from the legions of 6-12 year old girls who think Bieber is a musical genius and would defend him to the death.

SwagSec seems more interested in turning over pop music.  “Swag” is one of Bay Area Based God Lil B’s more notorious catchphrases, although we know it from popular song about having to squat in the outback due to primative plumbing called “Waltzing Matilda.”

SwagSec claim to be a group of gay, black hackers, who fly in the face of the white hacker stereotype. “We are here to take back the internet from the white devil,” they wrote on Twitter. You can get Lil B’s album I’m Gay for free now.

Strangley they chose to start with Amy Winehouse who does not need a plague of gay, black hackers to bring down her career. Anyway, we don’t know why they have in in for her specifically.

SwagSec even warned other hackers to stop attacking Universal Music, Winehouse’s label until they had finished turning it over.

However, attacking Justin Bieber is like taking down the FBI site, only his fans are much more violent. The FBI can only arrest you and lock you away for many years. Bieber fangirls take their cue from the Bacchante,  only they wear virgin promise rings.