Barbie is public enema number one, claim the Feds

The Untouchables have dubbed a new Barbie a paedophile fantasy because her latest version comes with a high-tech video camera.

According to Wired, the FBI’s latest cybercrime alert warns that the latest version of Barbie which comes tricked out with a video camera concealed in her necklace could be used by predators to create child pornography.

The alert was mistakenly released to the press and shows the Untouchables worried that the toy’s camera, which can capture 30 minutes of video could be used to lure children and film kiddie porn.

Barbie and other dolls have been the tool of choice for sexual predators to attract victims, the alert notes.

It seems that the FBI appears to have opened an investigation into the doll, even though its maker Mattel points out that there have been no cases where the Barbie camera had been used for kiddie porn.

Coppers however have welcomed the warning because they say they will put Barbie on the list just like any other cameras and computers.

This means that Barbie will be automatically seized in any investigation. We guess “Barbie Cyber Criminal” set will be available from toy stores everywhere. No word on Ken yet but we guess he is still being investigated. He still has not survived that charge of wearing a loud shirt in a built up area.