Australians in mobile phone jam

Aussie companies are so concerned that rivals might be using their mobiles to listen in on meetings that they are installing illegal phone jammers.

Four Australian businesses were recently caught by the communications regulator for using one and there is a belief that there are a lot more out there.  This is because it is easy to hack a phone so that you can listen into a meeting.  It saves you having to plant a bug.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald  the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) will not name for “privacy reasons”, installed the device based on an insecurity expert’s recommendation.

Other places using jammers have included a movie theatre in Victoria which tried to prevent patrons from pirating a new release movie and transmitting it externally where it could have been recorded.

There was also a warehouse in Melbourne and a company with debt recovery staff in Sydney using jamming devices to stop staff from using their mobiles during business hours.

There are a few out on the street too. One Adelaide resident had no reason to use one, he just thought it was a pretty cool idea. It was found because it was causing interference with the Telstra network.

All the gear came from overseas and just managed to slip by Customs without being noticed. When they were switched on there were hundreds of complaints received in the same period about interference to the public telephone service.