Australian military comes under cyber attack

The Australian military networks are under continuous attack by foreign intelligence agencies.

According to the country’s top electronic spy unit, the Defence Signals Directorate, Foreign spooks are are making 700 attempts a month this year, up from 200 a month last year.

It is not clear what the spooks are looking for. The Australian military is not technologically the most advanced in the world. Most of the activity it undertakes is peace keeping missions which foreign spooks can find out about by reading the paper.  Other than that, data is simply whose turn it is to get the tinnies in,  or operate the metaphorical sheep dip and who holds the regimental chundering record.  Not something a Chinese spy can do much with.

However Australia is also the US’s big ally in the South Pacific and so the spooks could be hoping for a sniff of what Uncle Sam’s doings are in the region.

It is only the second time DSD has released figures on military network intrusions. These have been gathered by an elite unit within the directorate, the Cyber Security Operations Centre.

The DSD report reveals 5,551 incidents between January and August – a 250 pecent rise. While the hacks didn’t disrupt operations, it is possible that data had been stolen.

Numerous countries have used the web for espionage and China, Russia and North Korea have become particularly adept.