Aussie telco hacked by China

Aussie telco Optus was suffering yesterday after a large number of its customers were hacked by China.

Amongst Optus’s customers are the Australia’s national news agency, AAP.

Optus announced that one of its corporate customers was hit with a “denial of service attack”, which originated in China. It would appear the target was a multinational financial services company.

The attack caused congestion on one of Optus’ international links leading to slow internet and delayed email for other corporate customers.

News agencies AAP, IDG and News Limited were also affected.

Other Optus customers include the Australian Stock Exchange and several banks, with the telco claiming to handle 70 per cent of EFTPOS requests.

Optus blocked the source of the attack and everything was ok. It said only corporate customers, not regular consumers, were affected.

News Limited’s Australian IT security manager, Bob Hinch, told a press briefing in Sydney that the company has had numerous attacks aimed at its infrastructure in Australia and around the globe.

He claimed that the attacks “especially” originated from the Chinese Government and claimed they were often accompanied by emailed extortion notices demanding article retractions.