Aussie opposition promises to scrap web filter plans

After months of thinking about it, the Aussie opposition has decided that if it wins the next election it will scrap the Labor Party’s Great Rabbit Proof Fence of internet censorship.

While the plan has been about as popular as Gordon Brown, the opposition was not particularly quick to condemn it. Part of the reason is that most government like the idea of controlling what the great unwashed read. After all an informed population is a dangerous one which tends to disagree with governments.

However now it seems that the The Coalition has announced it will scrap controversial plans for an internet filter if it wins the August 21 election.

Opposition treasury spokesman Joe Hockey told AAP that a Tony Abbott-led government would encourage parents to take more responsibility for monitoring their children’s use of the web.

Actually another reason why the opposition is not that keen on the web filter is that there is a widespread believe that the technology will not work.

But it seems that if Labour wins the election on August 21 the filter appears doomed. The Coalition has promised to vote against it and if that happens a second term Gillard government wouldn’t have the numbers required to pass its legislation.

The Greens Party has already said it would vote against the policy.