Aussie hacker might get away with crime

An Aussie hacker who took out a gay dating site might get away with it because coppers can’t find anyone who wants to press criminal charges

The smartphone app Grindr, which had about 100,000 Australian users as of August last year and more than a million users worldwide, was hacked. The hacker revealed who people knew, their intimate chats and private photos.

The coppers know the “kid wot did it” and he is understood to be under 18 years old. Normally the hacker could be facing two years porridge for the hack, but apparently since NSW Police’s cybercrime squad had not received any complaints about the hack, he is not likely to be prosecuted.

A Grindr spokesman told the Sydney Morning Herald the company had taken “legal and technological actions” against a website created by the hacker that exploited the flaws in the Grindr app, adding that the site “primarily impacted a very small percentage of our total Australian Grindr users and it remains shut down”.

However, that does not seem to include complaining to the cops.