Aussie government web blow-out cost $600,000

The Australian government is having to explain why Australia’s Parliament House computer network ended up costing over $600,000 than had been budgeted and was a year late.

The governmment is blaming the extra cost and year delay of a newly designed parliament website on a huge security breach.

The network adminstrators tried to carry out a security update which brought the site down for three days. It was then hit by Anonymous because of Communications Minister Stephen Conroy’s internet filtering policy.

All this happened before the site went live. People inside parliament have had access since the middle of January this year and it has been thumped badly.

This has meant that the Australians have had to come up with some better security before the site was made available to the great unwashed and became an even bigger target.

The extra cost of hacking off the Australian branch of Anonymous has been put at over $500,000 and the hiring of security consultants to make sure that it could not be hacked in the future.

Aussie politicians are not so impressed with the cost blow out. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, one Senator wanted to know how a “balls up” like this could be avoided.

We guess the only way to protect your balls is to stop trying to prevent Australians from seeing what they want to see on the web.