Aussie coppers return journalist's iPad

Queensland coppers are finding themselves in trouble after they seized a journalists iPad claiming that it contained evidence in a hacking case.

Ben Grubb was sent a stolen picture from a facebook account by a security researcher as proof that his hack worked.

Coppers seized the iPad in the search for evidence of the hack and now they have given it back.

It seems that criminal law specialists have warned them that seizure of an iPad as evidence of a potential crime is the same as taking a shorthand notebook, only the iPad could not do as much.

A journalist’s shorthand notebooks is considered sacred under law in many countries because it contains off the record notes, important phone numbers, psychologically disturbing doodles and shopping lists. Normally if a copper wants one they have to get a court order while juggling rabid badgers on a tightwire across a pit of wild crocodiles.

Queensland coppers just arrested Grubb and told him to hand it over.

The president of the Australian Council for Civil Liberties, Terry O’Gorman, said as a journalist holding legally privileged information, Grubb could have refused police access to his iPad, and under accepted protocol the iPad would have been sealed and lodged with the local magistrates court until police obtained a court order to access the device.

O’Gorman said there were far too many of these seizures of iPads and iPhones by police. People don’t know they have the right to resist so the police continue to do it.”

According to AP, there have been calls from the legal profession for coppers to give Grubb a full apology.