AT&T website security flaw leaks 100,000+ iPad owner details

A security breach has revealed the details of over 100,000 AT&T iPad owners – including CEOs, military officials and top politicians, according to a scoop at Gawker.

Using a security flaw in the AT&T website, a hacking group has managed to grab the e-mail addresses and AT&T identification numbers of 114,000 3G iPad owners. The list features plenty of government email addresses as well as execs at News Corporation, the New York Times, the United States Justice Department, NASA and the Department of Homeland Security.

According to the New York Times blog, here, the hacking group called Goatse Security found that a program on the AT&T site would match up email addresses to an iPad ID number – so the hackers, who call themselves Goatse Security, used a script that could guess IDs. 

It is expected that AT&T will release a public statement over the hack soon. The hole has now been plugged. Check out the Gawker page linked above for an in depth account of what’s happened.