Assange might finally be questioned

Julian AssangeForgotten internet wanna-be and alleged sex-crime fugitive Julian Assange might be questioned by the Swedish government in his Ecuadorian embassy hideout.

Assange’s self-imposed house arrest in the embassy has lasted years and was due to a belief that it was perfectly reasonable to bonk who he liked, how he liked and if anyone said otherwise they were part of a CIA plot to have him shipped back to the US to face spying charges.

While the British police have given up posting a guard on the Ecuadorian embassy, diplomacy in the wider world has moved on. Ecuador and Sweden have struck an agreement on how the two nations will cooperate on criminal matters.

One of the spin offs is that the investigation into sexual assault charges levelled Assange will be allowed to continue.

Ecuador’s Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores y Movilidad Mr Humana said that the agreement strengthens bilateral relations and could help compliance with judicial proceedings, as the interrogation of Assange.

Assange’s legal team believes Swedish prosecutors may be able to meet with the Wikileaks boss later this week, probably on Thursday.   If they decide that he has not got a case to answer the charges could be dropped and Assange could go free. If this happens then Assange will have to admit he was incredibly stupid not facing the music in the first place.

If they do want him, then Ecuador might actually give him up and do something more useful with the spare bedroom at the embassy. Assange will then face a trial and the whole matter will be finally be dealt with – just like ordinary people have to deal with. [Not me, Nick. Ed.]