Ashampoo servers hacked

The German Windows utility maker and security software Ashampoo has been hacked.

This morning we had an email which warned us that all its customer names and e-mail addresses were stolen and could be used in targeted malware attacks.

Ashampoo Chief Executive Rolf Hilchner wrote in a message on the company website that hackers gained access to one of the servers. Hilchner claims Ashampoo discovered the break-in and interrupted it instantly.

Billing information, including credit card and bank account numbers, was not affected.

Inspector Knacker of the Berlin Yard was investigating but it looked like the trail ends in foreign parts.

He was worried that the attackers would send e-mails with malware-laden attachments to e-mail addresses found in the breached databases, pretending to be a confirmation of an order from the company.

Fortunately for us, Ashampoo tends to spam us rather a lot and most of its emails end up in the spam basket un-opened.

Ashampoo did not say how many customers were affected.

People should be cautious about opening unsolicited or unexpected e-mails, even from companies they know, and keep antivirus software up to date, Hilchner said.