Apple supports terrorists, claims Israel

The Israeli government has asked Apple to stop supporting terrorists by allowing an app which it claims calls for a Palestinian uprising.

Public Diplomacy Minister Yuli-Yoel Edelstein said the application “ThirdIntifada” is an Arab app available on iTunes. It is supposed to provide information on protests, some violent, planned against Israel.

According to Reuters, he has written a missive to Apple CEO Steve Jobs, asking that the app is pulled. Edelstein was convinced Jobs know that the application’s could “unite many toward an objective that could be disastrous”.

According to Reuters, the application offers users a stream of news stories and editorials in Arabic, announces upcoming protests, and includes links to nationalistic Palestinian videos and songs.

The developers behind the app were the same guys who opened a similar page on Facebook three months ago that called for an uprising against Israel through the use of lethal force.

When Edelstein complained to the social notwork it removed the page.

Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon said the creation of the Apple application and the Facebook page marked a new pattern in attempts to provoke violent attacks against the state.

After all internet communications between demonstrators and those opposed to autocratic rule in Arab countries worked rather well. Israel, which has been running a western backed political Apartheid against its Arab population, has good reason to want to knock it out.

However there can’t be too many Palestinians who can afford an iphone and those who can are not the sort of people who would be lobbing stones at Israeli wall checkpoints.