Apple is not all that secure

A German security boffin told Heises’ Mac & i it is just a matter of time until every hipsters fave machine will be targeted by evil c0d3rz of doom, even if it is running OSX. In theory, an avalanche of virii could hit Macs at any time, stated Andreas Marx, CEO of AV Test, adding that the Mac platform isn’t more secure than Windows, only simply less threatened.

AV Test currently finds 60.000 various malware and viruses per day, compared to a dull 50 or so for Macs. There is only one simple reason for the difference, namely the huge amount of machines running Windows and malware construction kits for less able programmers. “Porting a malware to Mac – especially a trojan – is not a really complex task, yet it nonetheless requires expert knowledge,” said Marx.

Referring to the recent OSX/RSPlug-A, Jahlav and Troj/RKOSX-A malware which targeted Macs, Marx said it was rather plausible they might have been a field test to figure out if Mac users were suitable targets.

Marx also blasted Snow Leopard’s signature feature as a “pure sham”, claiming it was no substitute for AV protection, despite fanbois claiming otherwise. He added Apple’s list is only a few signatures long and isn’t kept up to date on a regular basis. Malware developers could also undermine it by simply adding a few useless bytes of code.

Nonetheless, Mac users still have nothing to fear, as their machines are simply too few to be a lucrative target for criminals. A bog-standard virus scanner isn’t required at the current threat level, users should instead resort to Symantec’s or GFI’s respective and free DNS services, Norton DNS and ClearCloudDNS to avoid phishing sites.