Apple hires a hacker

The man who wrote the MobileNotifier software, which was one of the best replacement notifications system for jailbroken iOS devices, has been hired by Apple.

According to Mobilecrunch,  days before Apple is going to announce iOS 5, which is expected to have a less terrible notifications system, Apple has hired Peter Hajas.

The hiring was kept under wraps, although Hajas announced that he was “taking a break from MobileNotifier for a while”. He did not give a reason for leaving but hinted that it was worth it.

He ended the post with a cryptic remark about “stay hungry and stay foolish” which is a reference to Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement speech.

Redmond Pie found a tweet sent by Hajas, which has since been deleted which says that he was off to work in CA at a “fruit” company.

Then on Facebook Hajas has added “Apple” to his list of employers. Apparently he has been an intern since May. In Apple terms this is being put on probation. You have to go through before they let you have access to source code repositories.

Apple’s Push Notification system was pants and iOS competitors did really well at bettering it.

Hajas’s Mobile Notifier was by Android’s notification system. It prevents notifications from interrupting you and allows you to access your notifications from a drop-down drawer. You can also access the notifications from an iOS device’s lock screen.