Apple has the most insecure software in the world

Fruity Toymaker Steve Jobs can now add the title of pedaller of the most insecure software in the world to his list of titles.

It will make a change from the “maker of broken phones” and “stealer of disabled car parks” which is what we usually dub him with.

Just before you say we are biased, we should point out that the title comes from the insecurity outfit Secunia which normally awards it to Oracle.

It said that over the first half of 2010, Apple had more reported flaws than any other vendor. Microsoft only manages third-place although we suspect it is happy to yield that sort of crown to Oracle and Apple.

Apple fanboys will rush to tell us that in real life they are invulnerable to “viruses” and tell us to name a virus that has hit a Mac. Of course this sort of defence is bizzare as we have not seen many viruses for at least a five years. Most attacks are conducted by malware which aims at those very vulnerabilities that Apple software is so chock full of.

The report says that it does not take into account the severity of the flaws either. Many of Apple’s flaws are not in the Mac OS X, but rather in software like Safari, QuickTime, and iTunes.

Of course these still make Apple a peddler of dangerous software, but the OS is not the main problem.

Still your average Apple fanboy can be secure in the knowledge that most of the time thieves are not really interested in breaking into their computer and stealing their Coldplay collection. It is fair more interesting to try and get into a Windows system which is more likely being used for something useful.