Apple gets malware

For years smug Mac users have insisted that their computers were super secure because no one had written a virus for their machines.

Of course with less than five percent of the world’s computers running Macs, it was pointless writing  malware which would never infect a computer. 

Now a new trojan has been penned that targets both Windows and Mac users. It teases its way onto computers with a link reading “Is this you in this video?”

The trojan, named trojan.osx.boonana.a, is worrying security researchers because it has the distribution ability of a PC virus but could do some serious damage to Mac users who believe that Steve Jobs’ aura will pretend them from malware. Apple has been doing a sterling job convincing the world that only PCs get malware and that its computers are super secure.

The biggest problem is that Apples are extremely easy for hackers to turn over. A Mac is usually the first computer at a security conference to fall in a hacker competition.

The message “Is this you in this video?” is being distributed on Facebook and in e-mails. It hacks the Mac’s password security measures.

True the computer will warn you that an applet is requesting access to your computer, to which Apple users should choose “deny.” However anyone who thinks iTunes is a good idea and thinks that the iPhone 4 is brilliant technology is not likely to deny anything that comes from their Mac.

As a result they will give complete access to your computer as well as personal accounts, where the virus will extend its reach further by spamming your contacts. 

Of course Apple fanboys are insisting that they are still virus free because “a trojan is not a virus” only PCs get viruses.