Apple genius was a sex pest who preyed on dim users

An Apple technician was taking the laptops of fangirls and rigging their webcams so that he could spy on them.

Since Apple Macs are 100 per cent reliable, Trevor Harwell was called in to enhance the user state when a small number appeared to shift operations off the material plane while they communed with the pure state of Jobness.

According to PC Magazine, Inspector Knacker,  of the Fullerton Yard said that Harwell installed software on Macbooks which commanded the user to “fix their internal sensor soon,” and “try putting your laptop near hot steam for several minutes to clean the sensor.”

Apparently Apple fangirls were dumb enough to believe that if their Macbook said it, they needed to take the thing into the bathroom while they showered to “fix it”.

Lots of Apple fangirls were that dumb. When Inspector Knacker fingered Harwell’s collar they found hundreds of thousands of still images and videos on his computer, including many of women undressing or changing clothes.

Apparently he was committing the perfect crime. Apple users do whatever their computers tell them and buy whatever the company tells them they need.

Then one of the victims father’s suddenly thought “hang on a minute… why is she taking a laptop into the shower?” Ignoring his daughter’s statements that her Apple insisted that it be taken into the shower, and this was like a command from Steve Jobs himself, Dad called the cops.

Many of the victims attended Biola University where Harwell was a former student. He has been charged in Orange County Superior Court with 12 felony counts of computer access and fraud.