Apple forgets to put anti-spam measures in Ping

Two days after the launch of Apple’s Ping music social network and it’s already flooded with spam – because Apple forgot to add in anti-spam measures.

Even with protective measures in place spam can get through, but Apple decided to “think different” and not employ any protection at all.

Security firm Sophos pointed out that Apple’s Ping does not include a spam or url filter and said that “less than 24 hours after launch, Ping is drowning in scams and spams.” Oh dear.

Most of the spam actually targets Apple products, offering free iPhones, iPods, and iPads in return for clicking dodgy links and signing surveys, which are merely designed to collect users’ information to sell onto others. These kinds of scams are extremely popular on Twitter and Facebook, where hapless souls will click anything at the thought of getting a free iPad.

“If half as many free iPads, iPhones and iPods were being given away as Ping comments might lead you to believe, there would be no reason to bother with going to an Apple store,” said Chester Wisniewski at Sophos. “But if you actually want an Apple device, my advice is to go out and buy one, as filling out surveys will likely only end in tears.”

Ping is now a spammer’s delight, as it both offers the perfect target audience of people wanting free iThingies and has absolutely no spam protection in place whatsoever.

So Apple will leave out Lady Gaga’s gay rights tweets, but it won’t filter spam. Typical.