Apple does not track anyone

Apple Messiah Steve Jobs has poured cold water on claims that Apple spies on iPhone users.

As politicians gear up to haul Apple before various senate committees, Jobs has entered into the fray saying that the iphone does not spy on users while Android phones do.

MacRumors said that one of its readers sent an email to Apple CEO Steve Jobs, asking for clarification and explanations regarding the “consolidated.db” file built into iOS.

It is this file which keeps a log of longitude and latitude coordinates from mobile triangulation towers.

The reader asked if Jobs could explain the necessity of the passive location-tracking tool embedded in the iphone. He threatened to switch to a Droid because it would not track him.

The reader got a usual short reply from Jobs, or at least the person who answers emails for him.

Dedicated followers of Apple will be relieved to know that St Steve said that the information being circulated in the press was all false.

Jobs said that Google did track people and Apple didn’t. “The info circulating around is false.”

It seems that Apple’s angle on this is that while Android collects the data, Apple leaves it stored on the phone for a year and does nothing with it.

Jobs appears to be asking users to trust him that it does nothing with the data, and while Apple followers might be prepared to trust him with their first born, it does seem strange that the outfit gathers the data and makes such an effort to store it and back it up.

Inspector Knacker of the Yard has known that Apple stores the data for nearly a year, although we are yet to see any court cases where location data on the phone has been used as evidence.

Jobs was also incorrect about how the Android phone handles the data. To get the information off a droid you have to seriously hack the phone. Even then the history of a user’s location is much more limited than in iOS.