Apple developer site laid low by intruder

It appears that the two angels with fiery swords which are supposed to protect Apple’s walled garden of delights were having a day off last week.

Apple’s site for developers was attacked by an intruder who tried to gain access to developer information.

Apple decided it was best to take the service down even though the most sensitive information on that site was encrypted.

The company said that it’s keeping the site down while security is being hardened.  It is not clear what hardening it is using and why such precautions were not taken earlier. 

Apparently Apple has had to completely overhaul its developer systems, update its server software, and rebuild the entire database.

However, it appears that it is taking a jolly long time and there is no indication when the site will be back up.

In a note to developers, Apple said it could not rule out the possibility some developers’ names, mailing addresses, and/or email addresses may have been accessed.

Apple’s developer site is home to software downloads, documentation and forums for third-party software developers.

CNET said that the outage sparked some concerns about there being a larger, behind the scenes security problem.

Users had been saying they had received password reset e-mails, suggesting others were attempting to gain access to their Apple ID accounts.