Apple claims Beijing customer assault was self defence

Jobs’ Mob claims that its staff member who started a riot in China, which left five people in hospital, only thumped a customer in self defence.

We reported yesterday how a riot broke outside the Beijing cathedral of the superficial cargo cult, after staff tried to discipline unruly fan boys by shutting the Apple store down.

Apple spokeswoman Carolyn Wu told AFP the store team acted to protect themselves and “our customers” by closing the doors and preventing “the group” from entering. She said that the safety of customers and employees was Apple’s top priority.

However “the group” were Apple customers who were miffed that after waiting days for an iPad the Second. Apple shut the store to defend the antics of a foreign Apple employee who decided to use force on customers.

According to the Chinese press, a “foreign” Apple employee waded into the crowd to push and beat up people suspected of queue-jumping.

The crowd’s mood at that point was a little tense, given that the queue outside the Apple store had grown so long that people were selling their position to those who came later.

With the crowd well and truly stirred up by the foreign Apple staff member’s beatings, he fled back into the store which was locked behind him and the store shut.

A riot broke out and the doors to the Apple store were ripped off their hinges.

The Global Times reported that Ding Wencheng, 27, reached a $3,000 settlement with Apple for the injuries he suffered during the fracas.

Apparently coppers helped mediate the settlement between the riot victims and Apple.

It is a little odd that Apple paid anything given that its staff only acted in self-defence.