Anonymous turns to UFO hoaxing

Hacker group Anonymous is turning its attentions from annoying the powerful, to hacking off UFO enthusiasts.

On May 22, after they have washed up after their mum has made them dinner, Anonymous members will flood UFO websites with fake reports of a triangular UFO.

Operation UFO will provide the members of Anonymous with endless hours of entertainment as the story is picked up by the mainstream media and becomes “reality”.

The assumption is that the next day the papers will be full of stories sparked by the UFO postings. Ghosttheory has opened a book on whether Fox will run a story linking the UFO with terrorism, or claiming that Obama’s birth certificate was signed by ET.

What the hackers will do is say they have seen a “a triangle of about eight yellow lights in the sky”. They will call hotlines or report what they have seen on UFO websites. The sudden influx of identical reports will convince UFO buffs that something really is out there and that aliens really want to make contact.

However Anonymous’s problem is that most of its cunning plans are discussed online first. It would be hard to pull off a surprise. Tech magazines like this one, snooping around for Anonymous’s next DoS attack will just write a story about this instead.

Of course if the mainstream newspapers rush to print the story without doing a check on it, they really deserve all they can get.

David Icke  was unavailable for comment. Apparently he is all around the world at the moment and is building a spiritual awareness to see off the Lizard people before the world ends in 2012. We don’t think he would be too worried about aliens, he thinks they are already here, running things.  We sometimes get his people in here complaining that the  Eye of Horus logo is a sign that we are all Illuminati Lizards.