Anonymous tests new DDoS Tool

Anonymous has tested a new denial of service attack tool on the Pastebin website.

While the Low Orbit Ion Cannon has been an effective tool, it does not cover the users identity particularly well, leading to arrests.

Now Anonymous wants to start using the #RefRef tool which has been developed in JavaScript and exploits a server as long as the target supports JavaScript and SQL.

It is supposed to use the target’s own processing power against itself, taking the server down by creating resource exhaustion.

According to Tech Herald Anonymous sees the tool as giving a large beast a simple carrot, and then “watching the beast choke itself to death.”

What is a little more alarming for the coppers is that #RefRef is platform independent and can be used on anything that likes JavaScript. This means it would be possible to carry out DDoS attacks on mobile phones and gaming systems.

Anonymous is trying to adapt the script so that it can be hosted anywhere, making it possible to launch attacks from libraries or Internet cafés

Yesterday the outfit tested it on the press release dump site PasteBin. In 17 seconds the tool created 42 minutes of downtime.