Anonymous net gets very wide

It seems that the hacking outfit Anonymous is casting its net fairly wide to take out people who really are not that important in the scheme of things.

After making some high profile attacks, Anonymous appeared to take time out to take out a Sydney council website yesterday, leaving about 10 staff accounts vulnerable.

OK we are not talking about the FBI website, with thousands of user details exposed, but it seems that Anonymous wants to get into grass roots hacking.

Four Mosman Municipal Council website databases were leaked in the incident by the hacking group ”Anonymous” in a link posted on the social networking site Twitter.

The hack means that anyone interested in Mosman Municipal Council’s doings can download a file containing the hacked council’s information.

While most of the information was public already, some of it contained user names, encrypted passwords and the email addresses of about 10 staff used for making changes to a council site. The passwords were encrypted and by the time anyone tries a brute force attack on them they will have changed.

The manager of IT services at the council, Kevin Nonweile told the Sydney Morning Herald  that the staff account details had been leaked and that the council was in discussions with its website hosting provider ”to validate how it occurred”.

Nonweile admitted that the council was more surprised that Anonymous had taken the time to hack it.