"Anonymous" issues its own OS

A Tumblr account claiming to be associated with hacking collective Anonymous appears to have launched its own Linux based operating system which comes with its own suite of hacking tools on-board.

However, it has been slammed as being packed full of viruses designed to compromise the system on which it is installed.

The OS itself has been built on Ubuntu and uses the Mate desktop. In addition to what you can usually find on Ubuntu it also has the password cracker John the Ripper, Ddosim, a tool for simulating distributed denial of service attacks, and Sql Poison, which searches websites for security vulnerabilities.

There is a little warning that comes on the “About” section of the OS’s Tumblr page. It says that it was “created for educational purposes”. It also warns that anyone who uses it to “attack any web page” might end up in jail because it is a crime.

A tweet from @AnonOps warned “The Anon OS is fake it is wrapped in trojans.”

Hacker News pointed out that it is not developed by any genuine source and  can be backdoored by any law enforcement agency or hacker.

But the creators of Anonymous-OS have hit back with a Tumblr post which said that “in our world, in Linux and open source, there is no viruses.”

It did not deny that it might be a trojan horse though.