Anonymous hacktivists attack Finnish neo-Nazis

Anonymous hacktivists have attacked a neo-Nazi website in Finland and caused the resignation of a parliamentary aide over her links to the group.

Ulla Pyysalo, who worked for True Finns MP Juho Eerola, has resigned after her name appeared on a database of members of the neo-Nazi group Kansallinen Vastarinta.

The True Finns are already a controversial, right-wing political party in Finland.

The list was published by Anonymous Finland after it successfully hacked the website.

Anonymous said it had no tolerance for any group based on racial, sexual and religion discrimination as well as for all the people belonging to them and sharing their ideologies.

Anonymous said here it was behind a series of attacks on websites unrelated to political extremism that exposed the personal details of 16,000 people. The hackers published online included social security numbers, addresses, telephone numbers, street addresses, and email addresses.

“We strongly recommend and invite You to check it out. You may find out Your neighbour or best friend is a dumbass Neo-Nazi,” the hackers said.

According to the Daily Telegraph the attacks were dubbed irresponsible by Mikko Hypponen, chief research officer of the Finnish internet security firm F-Secure, because they exposed the details of so many people. 

But it is hard to feel sorry for Nazi sympathisers.