Anonymous cancels attack on Zeta

Hacking crew Anonymous seems to have realised that it has bitten off more than it can chew by threatening one of the most violent drugs gangs in Mexico.

After an Anonymous follower was kidnapped by the Zeta drug gang in Mexico, supporters said they would retaliate by naming criminal collaborators.

The problem is that Zeta does not really work like that. While a normal Anonymous victim might have to spend the day cleaning up their servers and calling the cops, if Zeta becomes a victim, heads literally roll.

Zeta is also a bit stressed at the moment. Recently the bodies of 35 Zeta members were dumped onto a highway in Veracruz so now was probably not a good time to start a fight.

Still Anonymous had a go at firing a shot over the bows of the outfit. The website of former Tabasco attorney general Gustavo Rosario Torres was defaced, accusing him of being a Zeta collaborator. But this was old news. In 2008 anti-crime activists came forward with a taped conversation between Torres and a deputy talking about a $200,000 cocaine deal.

Global intelligence firm Stratfor warned that if supporters of the Anonymous movement accuse people of collaborating with the Zeta gang, it could put those named at risk, even if the accusations are false.

While foreign Anonymous members might be safe from the machetes of Zeta, local supporters could end up hanging from railway bridges.

Zeta hung two bloggers rom an overpass with a sign warning bloggers and “online snitches.” A decapitated body of another social-media reporter was found with a similar warning.

Anyway all this has caused most of Anonymous to pull out of the campaign. However a member known as Sabu has insisted that the operation will continue.