Akamai employee wanted to spy for Israel

An employee of the web acceleration outfit Akamai has admitted trying to hand over secret company info to Israel.

According to Computerworld,  Elliot Doxer spent 18 months gathering information for James Cromer, a man he thought was an Israeli spook.

From September 2007, he handed over pages and pages of confidential data, providing a list of Akamai’s clients and contracts, information about the company’s security practice. Among the invormation was a list of 1,300 Akamai employees, including mobile numbers, departments and e-mail addresses.

Doxer delivered the information to a dead drop box, a predetermined location set up by Cromer.
Apparently Doxer was not interested in money.  He wanted to help Israel and to get information on his son and estranged wife, who lived outside the US.

However what Doxer didn’t know was his handler was really a special agent with the counterintelligence squad at the FBI.

He was arrested and charged with committing foreign economic espionage.  He is the eighth person ever to be prosecuted in the US for trying to sell corporate secrets to foreign governments.

Akamai said that there was no evidence that Doxer ever managed to sell his secrets to anyone other than federal agents.

It all started when out of the blue, he decided to send an e-mail to Israel’s Boston consulate on June 22, 2006, writing, “I am a jewish american who lives in Boston. I know you are always looking for information and i am offering the little i may have.”

He was contacted a few years later, and quickly started delivering information.  He asked for $3,000 for the data and information about his son.  He also hinted that Mossad could do him a favour by making bad things happen to his estranged wife.

He faces 15 years in prison on the charges.