2011 will see Mac, iPhone and iPad security threat

Insecurity outfit McAfee has warned that next year will see increased attacks on Apple gear in 2011, thanks to the fact that the outfit has done well with its iPhones and iPad in the business market.

In the company’s 2011 Threats Predictions, McAfee said that Macs were not often targeted by malicious attackers, because they are not widely deployed.

However in 2010 malware for the MacOS started to get a lot more clever and it expected the trend to increase in 2011.

One of the problems is that Apple fanboys are unconcerned about malware and other security threats to Apple’s products, because they believe that they are secure because no one has attacked them yet.

The report said that the lack of user understanding regarding exposure on these platforms and the lack of deployed security options make a fertile landscape for cybercriminals.

McAfee said that Mac botnets created by Trojan Horse attacks will increase, as well.

It admitted that while people have been predicting doom and gloom in the mobile space for years, and it hasn’t happened, it is still only a matter of time.

After all there were more rootkits for Android and remote jailbreaking tools for iPhone created in 2010. McAfee said that 2011 is likely to be the year when the mobile space hits a tipping point and becomes a cyber security battleground.

“The move to stick mobile devices into business environments combined with these and other attacks is likely to bring about the explosion we’ve long anticipated,” the company wrote.

McAfee said that the popularity of iPads and iPhones in business environments and the easy portability of malicious code between them could put many users and businesses at risk next year and beyond. We anticipate threats of data and identity exposure will become more pronounced.

Of course Apple fans are accusing the anti-virus maker of spreading FUD in a bid to flog security products to a market which does not need it.

The argument is that the Mac OS is completely secure because Steve Jobs says it is and only Windows users suffer from software attacks. Of course at every Black Hat security conference the Macs and the iPhones are the first to fall over, but that does not matter.