10 laptops stolen from Irish tax office

Ten laptops containing sensitive information have been stolen from the Offices of the Revenue Commissioners, Ireland’s tax and customs office.

The robbery is believed to have taken place at 7pm last night at the Navan Road offices, where Gardaí say that three men walked in and took off with the laptops.

It is not known if there was a forceful entry or if the men somehow had access to the premises, but clearly they were after something in particular. Revenue officials noticed the missing laptops, but they are still trying to determine if anything else has been stolen.

Revenue said that the laptops are all encrypted, which appears to be a rarity in laptop robberies, but they will still contain private information, most likely relating to people’s taxes. 

Revenue officials are not yet clear on what was on the laptops, but it is likely that the robbery was designed to hide information relating to taxes paid or owed by an individual or company as part of a larger fraud cover up.

The scene is being examined by Gardaí today, who have launched an official investigation.