US considers Russian internet sanctions

Vladimir Putin - Wikimedia CommonsThe US government is likely to impose sanctions against Russian and Chinese firms and individuals for hacking into US businesses.

According to Reuters, in what it describes as an exclusive report, that could well affect a future visit by Chinese president Xi Jinping to the USA this month, and would also put Russian president Vladimir Putin’s nose further out of joint.… Read the rest

Most millennials are cynics about online security

woody-allen-nihilistNearly all millennials in the US and UK are cynical when it comes to online security and do not expect online services can adequately protect their data, a new survey has revealed.

However the survey, by security firm Intercede, claims that millennials, or those reaching adulthood in the year 2000, have terrible security habits, and probably because they think it is all pointless.… Read the rest

Symantec will save us from the internet of things

Symantec logoMost pundits believe that by the end of this decade all sorts of things will be connected to each other and some believe that this could pose a serious security risk.

Symantec believes it has the answer to these problems. It estimates that IoT deviees will number 25 billion by 2020 and has now introduced embedded critical system protection.… Read the rest