Watches are a security threat

Apple watchThe maker of expensive printer ink is warning that smartwatches are a huge security threat.

HP Security found that many of the most popular wearable gizmos carry major security flaws thanks to their increasing connectivity to the Internet of Things.

All the ten gizmos tested by Fortify, HP Security’s application provider, contained “significant vulnerabilities”.… Read the rest

Universal catches itself pirating

caveman3Universal Pictures in France carried out a ruthless hunt for the source of pirated copies of lizard flick Jurassic World only to discover that it was doing it itself.

Chilling Effects got its paws on a Digital Millennium Copyright Act notice where Universal demanded that Google remove links to, and… Read the rest

Nigerian scammers switch to malware

explicit_nigerian_scamsNigerian 419 scammers are moving out of targeting the terminally stupid and are coming up with malware schemes that are making them a bundle.

FireEye researchers Erye Hernandez, Daniel Regalado, and Nart Villeneuv claim scammers  are now targeting users with exploit tools and keyloggers, and are breaking into legitimate business email transactions to con buyers and sellers.… Read the rest

Hardware encryption revenues climb

Achilles - Wikimedia CommonsAs our story today about a critical bug in Windows software demonstrates, it’s software that is really the Achilles’ Heel, or Hell for a computer system.

And people are beginning to realise that’s the case, because according to a report by US based market research company ABI Research, enterprises are moving to hardware as a much safer way of preserving their systems’ integrity.… Read the rest

Microsoft releases emergency patch

windows-10-start-menu-customised-live-tilesDire warnings about a vulnerability in all versions of Windows has led Microsoft to release an emergency patch.

The patch is related to a bug in the Windows Font Driver, which could lead to someone’s machine being hijacked remotely.

Microsoft said it hasn’t encountered attacks based on the bug, but has warned users of Windows to download it if they don’t have automatic updates switched on.… Read the rest