Business misses the mark on Windows Server 2003

Twilight of the Gods, Arthur Packham - Wikimedia CommonsToday marks three months until Microsoft stops supporting Windows Server 2003.

And just like Windows XP, lots of businesses are unprepared for the mess they might get into if they fail to upgrade.

Camwood is understandably interested in the end of Windows Server 2003 because it runs an OS migration service.… Read the rest

Boffins develop automatic troll slaying

Wikia_HP_-_Mountain_TrollResearchers at Cornell University have come up with a way to identify internet trolls  80 per cent of the time.

The software could create the possibility of creating automated methods to spot and auto-ban forum and comment-thread trolls.

Justin Cheng, Cristian Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil and Jure Leskovec submitted the paper Antisocial Behaviour in Online Discussion Communities [PDF], which details the findings from an 18-month study of banned commenters over three high-traffic communities: news giant, political hub and the vocal gaming communities at… Read the rest

Anti virus makers join forces to down botnet

SIMDATrend Micro said it cooperated with Microsoft and Kasperky Labs as well as Interpol to bring down a massive botnet compromising computers worldwide.

Operation SIMDA, said Trend Micro aims to eliminate botnet estimated to have infected over 770,000 computers.

Crooks used SIMDA to remotely access PCs and steal personal information as well as installing and spreading other malware.… Read the rest

NSA wants front door keys

front-door-keyThe US National Security Agency has decided that it is no longer enough for them to have a backdoor access to encryption keys, it wants a front door too.

The Washington Post  said technology companies will have to create a digital key that can open any locked device to obtain text messages or other content, but divide the key into pieces so no one group could use it without the cooperation of other parties.… Read the rest

People will pay to prevent hacking

Scottish flagNearly three quarters of British people are worried that their private information is being compromised.

That’s according to a survey from YouGov, commissioned by a company called Cloudmask.

The survey discovered that 72 percent of Brits surveyed are fretting about private information being disclosed without anyone asking – including emails, chat, files and pictures.… Read the rest

Big Blue suits uncovers Eastern European Fraud scheme

Suits-header-1Big Blue security suits have discovered a sophisticated fraud scheme run by a well- funded Eastern European gang of cyber criminals.

The scheme uses phishing, malware and phone and has nicked more than $1 million from large and medium-sized US companies.

Dubbed Dyre Wolf, the operation is small in comparison with more recent widespread online fraud schemes but what is scary is how sophisticated it is and that it could be scaled up.… Read the rest

UK works on military cyber attacks

DSTLThe British Defence Science and Technology Department (DSTL), is increasing its role to help prevent cyber attack against organisations and individuals here.

According to Professor Penelope Endersby, who heads up the lab: “Our adversaries present a real threat and it is therefore important that we too have the option to achieve military effects through and in cyberspace.”

DSTL, she said, is “developing new and novel capabilities to preserve the freedom of our armed forces to operate on a digital battlefield”.… Read the rest