Patreon hack victims hit by extortionists

KraysA group which has been extorting victims of Ashley Madison hack has moved on to those who had their data exposed in the Patreon hack.

DD4BC which has a history of extortion and DDoS attacks has been sending out emails to those who were hit in the Patreon hack to demand a bitcoin is sent to them or the Patreon user will have their personal information exposed:

“Unfortunately, your data was leaked in the recent hacking of the Patreon web site and I now have your information.… Read the rest

Tech Industry group weighs in on back doors

Backdoor_crop380wA leading US-based technology lobby group rejected calls to give US law enforcement authorities backdoor keys to let them circumvent encryption technology for mobiles.

The Information Technology Industry Council said in a statement that the post-Paris move to weaken encryption to help the government monitor electronic communications in the name of national security “simply does not make sense”.… Read the rest

AI programme passes University Entrance exam

The Japanese National Institute of Informatics claims that its AI program, developed with university and corporate researchers, achieved an above-average score on a college entrance exam for the first time.

The test covered five subjects including maths, physics and English.  The institute wanted to develop an AI by 2021 that was high enough on Japan’s standardised college entrance exam to be accepted into the University of Tokyo, the nation’s top-ranked university.… Read the rest