Insure yourself against cyber attack

Penny BlackMicrosoft and the rest of the IT vendors never said that technology was safe.

They didn’t say that because they always knew it wasn’t but still wanted to sell stuff.

And it’s an ill wind that brings no one any good, because according to market research company ABI Research, insurance companies are set to collect a $10 billion cyber bonanza by the year 2020.… Read the rest

Watches are a security threat

Apple watchThe maker of expensive printer ink is warning that smartwatches are a huge security threat.

HP Security found that many of the most popular wearable gizmos carry major security flaws thanks to their increasing connectivity to the Internet of Things.

All the ten gizmos tested by Fortify, HP Security’s application provider, contained “significant vulnerabilities”.… Read the rest

Universal catches itself pirating

caveman3Universal Pictures in France carried out a ruthless hunt for the source of pirated copies of lizard flick Jurassic World only to discover that it was doing it itself.

Chilling Effects got its paws on a Digital Millennium Copyright Act notice where Universal demanded that Google remove links to, and… Read the rest