Carmakers use copyright to hide emission cheating software

b299405f6eafe0ac98ce9d9405a17663 (1)Carmakers are using the US copyright laws to cheat US emission laws, claiming that allowing independent researchers to look under the car bonnets breaks the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation [EFF] claims that researchers could have uncovered Volkswagen emissions cheat sooner if the carmaker had not hidden behind the DMCA.… Read the rest

Hackers steal your voice


2672889152_0fa1bf6ebc_bSecurity experts are looking into ways attackers can fool voice-based security systems by impersonating a person’s voice.

A team at the University of Alabama, Birmingham (UAB), has found that using readily available voice morphing software, hackers are able to administer voice imitation attacks to breach automated and human authentication systems.… Read the rest

Putin’s minions can’t crack Tor

Vladimir Putin - Wikimedia CommonsTsar Putin was willing to write a $59,000 cheque to anyone able to crack Tor, but now it seems that the company that took the contract is going to spend double that trying to get out of it.

The Central Research Institute of Economics, Informatics, and Control Systems—a Moscow arm of Rostec has paid $150,000 to hire a law firm tasked with negotiating a way out of the deal, according to a database of state purchase disclosures.… Read the rest

Millions of fingerprints are compromised

A fingerprintThieves who used technology defects to attack the US Defense Department stole 5.6 million fingerprints, it has emerged.

The Office of Personnel Management had originally said that only 1.1 million fingerprint records had been stolen.

The disclosure, according to Reuters, means that 21.5 million American citizens had their social security details stolen.… Read the rest

Spending on IT security continues

Barbed wireSpending on IT security will realise sales of $75.4 billion this year, a rise of close to 4.7 percent compared to 2014.

Gartner said the increase in spend is due to government initiatives, more legislation and highly publicised data breaches.

But because of the strength of the US dollar, pricing in some regions will rise by as much as 20 percent and that will force customers to reduce spending towards the end of this year.… Read the rest