Your AI will live on after you

A startup called is working out a way to create an AI version of you based on your internet interactions.

The idea is that you can create a persona which can let you chat, see, and interact with the digitised dearly departed. It means that the ancient idea of living with the dead spirits of your family will be a reality.

Marius Ursache, the startup’s chief executive said that the idea of the technology is to allow people to communicate with their lost loved one just like we chat with our living.

The main difficulty in creating an AI is that it is based on private data which is collected over years.

Rather than talking to the dead person, you are really communicating with the vast amounts of information people generate throughout their life, and allowing others to make sense of it.

In the good old days the dead left journals and diaries, private personal narratives that provide this kind of connection.

These days we generate so much more information, unfiltered GChat, GMail, and Facebook archives are almost too much to make sense. And so enter the idea of an AI based avatar to communicate with it. claims it will “launch soon,” but its prototype is still primitive and builds off existing adaptive algorithms. The idea could be years away from being properly released.

However, the team also insists the elements are more or less in place as all you need are email logs, location data and the necessary tools to synthesise them.