Turing gets his own institute now

It seems that Alan Turing is making a bit of a name for himself after being pardoned for his “crime” of homosexuality.

For years the British government has ignored the founder of modern computing because there was all that business of him being gay and killing himself.

Now after getting an official pardon from the queen, Turing is being honoured in as many ways as the British government can think of.

The latest thing is the creation of the Alan Turing Institute will focus on new ways of collecting, organising and analysing big data.

The government will provide £42 million over five years for the project.

Universities and other interested parties will be able to bid for the funding to set up the institute.

During his Budget speech in the House of Commons, the Chancellor, George Osborne, said he had always been a big fan of Alan Turing who did more than almost any other single person to win the war, and who was persecuted for his sexuality by the country he helped save.

“Now, in his honour, we will found the Alan Turing Institute to ensure Britain leads the way again in the use of big data and algorithm research.

“I am determined that our country is going to out-compete, out-smart and out-do the rest of the world,” Osborne said.

Pity Turing is not around to see all this.