Tinfoil hat wearers get matching glasses

Japan’s National Institute of Informatics has come up with the perfect matching accessory for a tinfoil hat.

Conspiracy theorists have long had a problem that the government was using CCTV cameras armed with visual recognition software to follow them about.   After all the world is full of government officials keen to follow people as they go from their house to the comic book store.  A tinfoil hat might stop the men in black from reading your thoughts, but it is less effective at stopping tracking.

That is where the glasses from Japan’s National Institute of Informatics fit in.  The glasses have eleven LEDs that blast a privacy curtain of near-infrared light to obscure your face.

The human eye cannot see the lights, but to most cameras the near-infrared light will prevent facial recognition systems from registering the wearer’s face.

The LEDs are strategically placed to illuminate the eyes and nose, which facial recognition systems usually look for as dark and shadowed areas.  It is not clear if lizards are affected.

They will not work on cameras that are unaffected by infrared light.  You can see them in action below and they look about as dippy as Google Glass.